July 31, 2008

Animal Farm

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What I'm currently reading. And descriptive of my flat as well, I just realized. I'm not quite sure of from where this comes, but apparently I have a thing for cute, little animals.. So let me introduce to you:

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.. Poul the Shark, who I found in a radiator in my new apartment. His strange color matches the strange color in the bathroom so that's where he's living now.

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..Hektor the rip-off cat.. He set me back 10ddk in discount supermarket Netto. My mom hates him. She thinks he's ugly. She once 'accidently' tried to throw him out with some old papers, haha..

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..The no-named Vinkekat. He's from China Town in Paris and brings me good luck!

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and last but not least there's, Asger. He's originally from Ohio but he quit his equestrian studies and moved to Copenhagen to become my study group's mascot. He's living chez moi at the moment.

So, what's next? I'm thinking of one of these bunny lamps..
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Or maybe this hippopotamus doormat. I always had something for hippos...
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This World Tonight said...

I love the cat pillow! When did you get him?

DaisyChain said...

I love your animal filled flat!

Mettch said...

thanks both of you :) the cat is from Netto.. the adoption cost me only 10dk.. it was 6 months ago, though..

TokyoBunnie said...

The bunny lamps are so cute!

Lucia said...

Love the magnets! Where did you get them?

Mettch said...

Thanks Lucia.. They're from Søstrene Grene :D