July 10, 2008

À l'ombre les jeunes filles en fleurs

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And I thought that this was going to be a really calm summer at home. I guess not. My dad got some sort of emergency at his work (recession really creating trouble for Danish banks already) and need to postpone his vacation so I'm taking over his plane ticket. So, tomorrow morning I'll be on an airplane to Provence. La Napoule, to be exact, where my parents have had their summer house since I was born. I used to go there at least every summer in my childhood years so it was always like a second home to me and some of my happiest memories are from that little village outside of Cannes, just by the beach. I've only been there outside of tourist season the past two years and as much as I love the sense of abandoned village I cannot wait to experience what it's like to be there when it's buzzing of life.
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Really, all vacations should be like these.. with long walks on the beach, relaxing in the shadows by the pool, eating fresh seafood and soupe de poisson (acompanied by LOTS of rouille, s'il vous plaît!), watching the old men play petanque at the boulodrôme, going to the farmer's market in the early morning, having pain aux raisins for breakfast while sipping coffee and reading Nice Matin, sitting on the rocks at the harbor watching the private jets land and take off, buying groceries and other useless stuff in Géant (mon hypermarché préféré). Oh, and of course I'm also hitting the sales in Cannes, Nice and Monaco. My wardrobe could need some French additions in form of Comptoir de Cotonniers, Sandro and Isabel Marant (oh please, let there be some of that heavenly s/s08 collection be left for me!)..
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