August 23, 2008

Ensemble du Jour

WhywhyWHY is it so hard to take pictures of yourself? I'm so bad at it and I always need something like 50 tries before I get one which is just fairly decent. Where to place your feet, your hands, your head.. It's a study in itself really. How do you guys do it?

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But on topic - meaning the outfit - the Marc Jacobs by Føtex jelly flats saved my ass today (I purchased the grey-ish transparent ones as well as they were marked down to a mere 10dkk a few weeks ago). The rain is coming down brutally and my accountancy book is not feeling particularly great, neither is my hair, after sprinting less than a kilometer to the uni librairy in the pouring rain (after deciding it wouldn't stop any time soon. It still hasn't). Good thing they are well-armed with lots of steaming hot chocolate at school.


pretty face said...

I can't help you there - I'm alright taking my own photos (the delete button is sooo useful) but I look god-awful in every single photo of me taken by someone else.

mette/ungt blod said...

im sooo bad at photographing myself! hate it. i can not find a good way of showing clothes

pretty face said...

Hmmm i found your blog by your stylediary and for that reason I find it very hard to believe that you hate it so much! ;)

Mettch said...

well. i like to keep track of what i wear. obviously, i've been doing it for years, but it just never gets easier taking the pictures. i always end up covering the clothes, with a blank stare or missing the feet. i'm such a hopeless multitasker :/ i wish i always had somebody to take them for me, haha :D