September 24, 2008

11 little details

I was tagged with the list of habits by lovely blogger Heart in a cage - So let's jump straight to it..

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1. Clothes shop. In my dreams, I buy all my clothes at Le Bon Marché. I'd love to be dressed in high-quality garments from the likes of Balenciaga, Marni, Givenchy, Lanvin, etc. In reality, I do that to a certain extent. But the H&M-to-designer ratio is fairly high.
2. Furniture shop. IKEA, definitely! And then I love browse at fleamarkets for unusual and old pieces.
3. Sweet. Ice cream! (my favorite flavours are coconut, white chocolate and banana).. Or really strong and salty liquorice. That's what I'm always missing when I'm away from Denmark.
4. City. Paris! I used to live there and I want to return to live there eventually. I always had something for Singapore, Boston and New York City as well (and I'm planning on going to either of those places to study next year)..
5. Drink. Diet coke is one of my huge weaknesses. But I do drink lots of water, too. Coffee when at school. But there's nothing like a cup of fresh mint tea. I love that.
6. Music. It depends on my state of mind but I'd say my range is pretty wide.. I listen to everything from jazz and classical music to electronica, indie rock and the cheesiest pop music you can imagine. I'd say I enjoy all kinds of music at different times (except for heavy metal, I'm never that angry)..
7. TV-Series. Honestly, I don't really watch TV. CNN is usually always on to break the silence at home but when I actually sit down to watch something it's typical a cooking show or a debate. My TV is not working at the moment so for now I don't watch anything.
8. Film. Among my favorites we have Lost in translation, Amélie, The Science of Sleep + tons of small French productions. I love going to the cinema as well. The last movie I saw was Happy-Go-Lucky. Highly recommendable!
9. Workout. I love to attend classes such as step and body combat at my fitness center. These days I can only squeeze it in once a week. Otherwise I use my bike a lot to get around town. And when I want to clear my mind, I go for a round of golf.
10. Pastries. I hardly ever eat pastries but whenever I'm in France I always allow myself one. I have very fond childhood memories of lazy mornings on our terrasse eating pain aux raisins. Those are SO good.
11 Coffee. YES! In any form and plenty of it, please!

So, that was about me! I'm passing this meme on to Bloggerella, Ungt Blod and The Search for Chic! I cannot wait to see your posts..


chic looks said...

i love banana flavour ice cream too... i might just get one tommorow if its sunny...

Bloggerella said...

I love your 11 little details. Then I better get around to do a bit of blogging soon - I've been a little busy with other stuff lately.

danica said...

I love your answers. It's so nice to get to know you better :)

Hila said...

I loved reading this - and is that a photo of you? You have beautiful hair :)

thesearchforchic said...

You lived in Paris? Oh, so lucky :)

I love your 11 things, you seem like such a sweet person.