September 29, 2008


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Michael Kenna is one of the only photographers I know who has been able to enthrall me with landscape photography. His pictures are so haunting and simple and beautiful, I don't really have the words to describe it properly. These photos are from Hokkaido, Japan. They really remind you how beautiful winter can be. To see more of Michael Kenna's work, look here!

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On another note, I received this lovely award from one of my favorite bloggers, Mandy from Soir de Fête. Thank you so much, dear.. I'd give it back if I could! Luckily there are lots of other fantastic blogs out there, more than I could possibly give this out to, so I'll restrict myself and pass it on to A Pretty Face, This World Tonight, ReadTheAir, Coccinelle and Charlotte D. All inspirational blogs in each their own special way - make sure to have a look at them, if you haven't already done so!


Mila said...

Wow, absolutely stunning!
Thanks a lot for introducing me to this talented photographer...

Hope you are fine, dear!


This World Tonight said...

Thank you my sweet friend! I would put my vote on you, but I guess I am supposed to give it to 5 other bloggers right?

joanne said...

yes michael kenna is amazing!!

Hila said...

wow, these are literally breathtaking. Congrats on the award :)

yui said...

aw mettch, thank you!!!

danica said...

Merci for the award, dear. It is greatly appreciated :)

♥ Charlotte D ♥ said...

Thnx sweetie! I'd give it right back to you if I could, but assuming I'll have to pass it on, right?


Mettch said...

@ thisworldtonight + charlotte.. i kan give dem videre til hvem end i lyster. og tak, hvor er i søde! :)

pretty face said...

Thank you very much :)

I'm so pleased I saw this post, you put a much-needed smile on my face