November 8, 2008

4 + 6

Before exam madness and fall break I was tagged by Danica of Coccinelle so here we go (I apologize for the delay)..

4 things I did today
- Had coffee with my dad at his office at 7.15am before his work day started (I hardly ever see him anymore)..
- Took advantage of printing facilities there to print out 76 pages on exchange possibilites next year.
- Went to Magasin to browse for magazines and newspapers.. I bought the new Jalouse and the IHT.
- Remembered to water my plants (big deal!)!

4 things on my to-do list
- Look for a job which is relevant to my education.
- Plan a trip to South America next year with one of my best friends.
- Finish packing my suitcase for the weekend where I'm visiting a friend who lives in Odense (I wrote this post on Thursday, actually)..
- Find a good recipe for a cake containing lemon since I'm baking one for a dear friend's birthday next week (any suggestions?)

4 of my guiltiest pleasures
- Browsing supermarkets.. I can spend hours doing that.. Supermarkets is probably the closest I come to having a fetisch..
- Spending an ungodly amount of time jumping from synonym to synonym on
- Popular music from the 90s.
- Ice cream in large quantities.

4 random facts about me
- I like to attend random lectures at my university (anything but SPRØK will do)
- When I need to really relax, I bake. I don't feel much like eating it so I give it away usually.
- I like my own company a lot and am not afraid to say that sometimes I actually prefer it.
- I was always fascinated by the sky. When people walk on the street many people look at their feet. Apparently I like to look up instead. And then I love to observe the stars and their constellations.. I'm dreaming of finding something like Soir de Fête's constellations globe.


Next I was tagged by The Search for Chic. The rules are to mention the person who tagged you, then mention 6 unimportant things that make you happy and then pass on the tag to 5 more blogs..

6 unimportant things that make me happy
Sitting in my window watching the traffic and the people on the street go by.
Experiencing new and delightful places in my own city (yes, that does happen)
Fleamarkets on warm summer days.
Tasting something I haven't tried before.
The start of the year in Provence when the mimosas are blooming.

I'm tagging: Chic Comme une Parisienne, Heart in a cage, A pretty face, Lumière, and Daydream Lily!


icelollypalooza said...

I like this lemon drizzle cake. You can make it ahead of time too.

Mettch said...

thank you so much for your suggestion, it was highly appreciated! i actually ended up using this recipe for the cake and everybody loved it! merci mille fois!