November 14, 2008


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During my travel I found that one of the cute, little differences between Denmark and Japan is how they like to present their food. For instance I love how they always include lots of colors in every single meal no matter where and what you eat. And in front of the majority of restaurants you find charming plastic presentations of the dishes found on the menu (plastic food is quite an industry out there, I later found out). And on our first trip by train from Tokyo to Takayama already at the station, we quickly found out how popular bento boxes were: the bento stalls were counting almost as many as soft drink vending machines! Once on board shinkansen, seeing how delicious our fellow passengers' lunches were looking, of course we had to try it as well - quite a success!

Later on, in Osaka, I fell across this little book dedicated to bento boxes only and of course I had to have it. It's filled with tons of ways to assemble a bento and the images are so alluring and mouthwatering. Of course, right after buying the book, I bought a cute, little box for myself, too! Seriously, if my mom had made me lunches like these when I was a child, I would never had thrown them out. They're so adorable and pretty - almost even too much to eat.

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You'd like to know more? Personally, I have this blog in my google reader - or go even further and discover a world of lunch boxes on Flickr!


pretty face said...

One of my friends who is half-Japanese used to have lunchboxes where her mum would divide up her food with fake grass! It was really cute.

Hila said...

that is so cute!

Isa said...

Looks really good ! Thanks for this post, now I have been looking for recipes and information on the internet !

thesearchforchic said...

Looks so good!!!! They don't sleep much do they have all the extra time assembling these boxes.. lol.. beauty in the little things..I really love it..

BTW, I will be going to Paris with a friend and since you lived there I was wondering if you knew of any reasonable hotels in a nice area? Somewhere fairly central..

Love your blog.