December 11, 2008

On the 11th day of Christmas...

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A wishlist!.. A wishlist? I don't really do that. To be honest, I was never really a fan of this concept. I have people asking for my wishes constantly at the moment, seeing that my birthday is just around the corner and well, so is Christmas. The reason that I'm really not good with wishlists is because I don't feel very comfortable with people giving me something because they feel like they should. If anyone gives me a present, it should be because they really want to and because there's a bit more thought behind. At least that's what I always opt for when I give out presents.

But of course I always manage to construct a wishlist containing lots of dull things like newspaper subscriptions, nail polish, kitchen tools and the occasional electronical device. However, I also have a wishlist, that I keep to myself. Things I'd love to own but would never even consider asking other people to buy me. Like a Chanel bag (something I've actually promised to endow myself with once I finish my bachelor's degree) or a piece of Rick Owens outerwear. You know, all the almost utopian wishes that didn't quite make it to the wishlist with the things which are actually utopian. Like photographic memory, a time machine, a speedy metabolism, the ability to wear leggings without looking like a fool, Radiohead playing in my backyard, a backyard... As for the other pieces, if I really want them, I'll find a way get my hands on them.. and by the way, I think that applies not only to clothes-purchasing but most other things in life as well..

So here they are, the maybe it'll happen (but probably not and definitely not now) wishes

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..3.1 phillip lim fur.. i'm really not that much into fur but this one is one of the few pieces i've seen which is "young" enough to catch my fancy..

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..mayle + chalayan dresses.. i don't have a white silk dress (every wardrobe should have one, i think!).. and these are just perfect!

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..balenciaga s/s08 heels..there are tons of these listed on eBay at the moment, but seeing they retailed for +$2000 i don't predict them entering my wardrobe in the near future.

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..alexander wang + life with bird dresses.. wouldn't either of these be great for new year's?

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..another piece a wardrobe shouldn't be without: a trenchcoat. this one is by 3.1 phillip lim.

Those things are very high on my list at the moment. So, what are you guys wishing for this year? And giving out? I'm having a very low-key Christmas.. As a matter of fact, I'm going to France and it will just be me and my parents and then my aunt will join us on the 25th. Besides, we decided to just give each other one small gift. I'm giving my parents two photoalbums which I've made myself. One from a trip to Malaysia a few years ago (my mom thought the pictures were lost but I found them just recently) and then our recent trip to Japan.


closeup said...

I couldn't agree more... I generally love presents but I prefer little but thoughtful ones too..

Heart in a cage said...

Oh that Phillip Lim jacket is beautiful!