December 13, 2008

On the 13th day of Christmas...

Image Hosted by's Lucia day! I reckon it's one of the stranger traditions we have here in Scandinavia. Actually it's originally a Swedish tradition which was formed to mark the night between the 12th and the 13th which is the "longest" of the year. In the morning the young girls would get up while it was still dark and serve breakfast wearing this crown of lit candles. That's however not how we celebrate here in Denmark. Instead we have processions of girls wearing the candle crown while singing.

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Maria from Mode Med Mere already came up with some beautiful lucia styling suggestions. Let me say, I was nowhere this chic when I was lucia bride about 8 years ago.


Alice said...

this is such a lovely tradition <3
it's huge here in Sthlm, and i had the song in my head for days !!!

Rich Hippie said...

well so do we (i mean ive lived in sweden my shole life)
one girl has the crown and then a bunch of other girls dressed in white with red belt hold candles behind her singing