December 17, 2008

On the 17th day of Christmas..

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I should have been studying for my statistics exam tomorrow. But today I haven't (yet! it's only 10pm, the night is young.. I guess) - I've been baking madeleines. Referred to as "mussel cookies" by not-so-francophile friends. I made two kinds: a new kind (to me) with lots of different spices and then the classic vanilla/ lemon ones. I can't decide which ones are better. For a day of procrastination, I say try both (and then count on that the sugar rush of eating them for breakfast the next day will take you safely through your statistics exam)..

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Anonymous said...

Hvor har du fundet muslingeformene henne? Jeg vil så gerne bage madeleinekager i rigtig facon.
Ps. Din blog er så fin!

onomatopoeia said...

they look delicious! I was actually planning on making some cookies myself but hadn't found a good recipe yet, so thanks for these!

btw I gave you an award on my blog ;)

pretty face said...

Ooh I love madeleines! Perfect sugar rush..

Good luck for the statistics exam :) xx

Hila said...

I feel like baking cookies now too :)
Happy holidays!

ambika said...

My boyfriend is addicted to madelaines. I'll have to show him the recipe.

maisie #1 and #2 said...

mmmm yummy madelines!