January 11, 2009

Retail Therapy

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I really shouldn't have... But I simply could not not buy them. They're like a piece of art.


*Deline said...

OoOoOoO !!!

Bloggerella said...

Congratulations they're really lovely. I guess you bought them at ParisTexas with a great discout?

As you might know I tried them on at PT but realised that what I really needed was a cool pair of closed toe pumps not another pair of fabulous sadals. But seeing your pair makes me regret the decision...

joanne said...

work of art indeed!!!

This World Tonight said...

DE er FABELAGTIGE, kære Mette! No Less!

pretty face said...


I had a lovely heels trying on sesh today but didn't buy anything. Twas fun though :D

Camille said...

Lækre Mette!! Hvordan er Kirkwood i str? Jeg har faktisk aldrig prøvet et par, men synes hans sko er SÅ labre (jeg forestille mig de er store, da de er italienske, men??).

Mettch said...

Thank you all. I've really fallen head over heels in love with them ;D
Bloggerella - Yes, they were 75% off @ ParisTexas so that was obviously too good to resist! I'm eating ryebread and oatmeal for the rest of the month, though (but they're so worth it so I'm not complaining). There was still a 39 (and I think 38) left ;)
Camille - These are 39.5 and I'm usually a 40-40.5 so yes, I think they run a bit large. And I should add that they are extremely comfortable!

tinetush said...

Åh åh åh mette - de er fantastiske.. Hvis du vidste hvor mange gange jeg har siddet og savlet over netop disse.. heldige Asen. ! :D

Anonymous said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! Jeg er top-misundelig - på den gode måde!!! :-) Ser ud som om du nyder livet. Herlige billeder på sidste post... Kram Mira

Marit said...

Congrats on your kirkies! The heel is divine.

Legyviel said...

oh dear... gorgeous!

ed said...

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