June 30, 2008

Festival chic

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Roskilde is just around the corner! Actually warm-up started today and with names like Radiohead, Cat Power, Kate Nash, José Gonzalez, etc in the line-up, I'm sure to be found at the festival next week (not so fond of the simple living that comes with festivals, so I'm skipping the warm-up. I just went to set up my tent and get my bracelet today - I'm boring, I know ...).

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(Costume Magazine, ph. Signe Vilstrup)

Anyways, I always find it quite interesting to see what people wear to events like these. I've been attending Roskilde since 2005 - last year being the exception, thank god! - and I must say that there's a tendency towards people caring more and more about how they look. And of course, when you have people such as Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Agyness Deyn attending festivals such as Glastonbury and Coachella it's easy to get inspired. It's no secret that Hunter wellies are the wellies to be seen in just as Minnetonka boots, waistcoats, and PVC leggings also hit it big time - not only on festival grounds but in general (even on sunny days I see multiple girls trotting around in the hideous things Hunters are in CPH)..

Memorable and copied Kate outfits:

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Well, that's the celeb side of it.. So, what do normal human beings (meaning people that don't go home to get a hot shower every night) do. Well, I picked out some stylish people from last year's festival to demonstrate:

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The musts on any somewhat stylish person's packing list seem to be: Rainboots (obviously), black tights/ leggings, parka coats, jeans, tanks and basic dresses. These are great festival stables that I will be bringing myself.. To make your outfit interesting a colorful/ patterned scarf, a hat or funky sunglasses seems to be the way to go. Besides, this year I'm expecting to be seeing plenty of gladiators - I know I will be bringing mine to match the floaty dresses and short denim shorts. Now, just cross your fingers that the weather will be good this year!

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