July 2, 2008

I'm good, I'm gone!

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My butt-ugly martians have been guarding my ticket since forever, or so it seems. And now finally it's tomorrow that I'm leaving for Roskilde. Among my must-hears I have Radiohead, Cat Power, Kate Nash, Coco Rosie, Duffy, Kings of Leon, José González, Tina Dickow, Joan as Police Woman (..and I could go on and on).. and of course also swedish Lykke Li which I will be leaving you with for now.

See you next week!


Young Mind said...

oh. my. god.
so jealous!
why can't australia have such good music festivals? WHHYY OH WHY!?

have fun! :)

onomatopoeia. said...

Roskilde's line-up is fantastic ♥ Hope you have a wonderful time!

joanne said...

i'm dying. joan as police woman and KOL and cat power and jose gonzalez!!!!!! do you think you could record these :P wow, have fun and enjoy!