June 8, 2008

This month's mood board

I guess one could say I am sort of at a romantic at heart. Not in the obvious way, though. I actually wouldn't say it reflects a lot in my personal style (except for fondness of ballet flats). My apartment is quite minimalistic decorated (absolutely no flower prints allowed in my home!). And the cheesy things don't apply to me either: I never had princess dreams. I detest pink. I don't really believe in marriage (though it's a brilliant occasion for putting on a fantastic dress). However I guess I can admit to having very romantic ideas of.. everything else, which probably shouldn't be idealized. Guess I'm still young enough to be imbued with idealism and romantic ideas of all things in general. But on topic: I did try to realize a romantic mood board a while ago. Below, the final result.

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Kathrin said...

This is a great idea! I made something like this, too

Anne Sofie said...

Wow, så fint, så fint.