July 13, 2008


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If it ain't broke, don't fix it! ... right? Personally, I'm a strong believer in this statement. Especially when it comes to things I love. Like Orangina. Don't even get me started on how wrong it is to pour this lovely drink into plastic bottles or even worse, cans! It's comparable to murder almost. There's really only one true way to have an Orangina: from it's original glass bottle!

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So this is the cool part: how to take great use of these Orangina bottles. I accidently stumbled across this Orangina chandelier on Flickr. How awesome is that?!

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And since this blog entry is already turning out slightly different from that I had originally intended it to, I figured might as well go all out. So here you have it: what I also found in my picture search for Orangina. A bear. A winking bear, licking it's mouth in a disturbingly sexy way. And for those of you who don't understand French: well, the text say naturally juicy. (And there's a video, too. Enter at own risk! It's almost like soft porn). Funny how this post is bringing new dimensions to the stylists version of the same look. Or. No. Lame excuse for posting about ice-melting hot bears with sixpacks. But hey, it's mimosa coloured. Ok, I'm out.


pretty face said...

Absolutely hilarious!!!

Also, are you French? I could practice my French in your comments!

Mettch said...

Ah, mais non! But I used to live in Paris and I spend a lot of my time in France seeing my parents have a place here in southern France. I'm planning on moving back to Paris eventually as well :)