July 14, 2008

Old but not obsolete

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It's funny how some brands have their way of being so contemporary and defining for the exact times we're living in that their direction for a specific season will seem dated and almost make you cringe the next. I guess 'visionary' brands such as Prada and Balenciaga can be put in this box (honestly, how do you feel about furry-looking tie-dye and velvet school boy blazers today? Yes. I figured).

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But a label that I don't find belong in this before-mentioned box is Chloé (at least not under artistic direction of either Stella McCartney or Phoebe Philo - today Chloé is a whole different story). Personally I find it quite interesting how these advertisements from spring/summer '02 don't really look dated at all in spite of their age. Or am I just lost in time? In any case, I love it. Still.

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onomatopoeia. said...

I completely agree with that! Chloé's old ads have a way of never looking dated. You could just as easily print them in magazine today and they wouldn't look out of place at all. I think that timeless quality is what makes the old Chloé style so beautiful!

Young Mind said...

those photos are really nice ^^

♥ fashion chalet said...

Chloé's always has the most stupendous ads, beautiful as a piece of fine Art! ♥