July 16, 2008

In the hay

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I bought a straw hat like this the other day. Truth is that I'm not really a hat person at all. It's the same thing with sunglasses. I feel pretentious and out of place whenever I wear it + I am completely incapable of judging whether or not it suits me. In these ultra sunny conditions however there's not so much of a choice so off I went, down in our little village to have a look at the options. Turns out this sort of hat was the least ugly I could get my hands on seeing the alternatives were bright pink/loaded with flowers/trucker cap with print.

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And after all, here after a few days, I think it's starting to grow on me. Even though this one is made of straw, it reminds me of the hat that the girl in "l'Amant"/"the Lover" wears all the time.. (originally a book by Marguerite Duras which I first read when I studied at Sorbonne. Later I bought the DVD since I found it in a secondhand store for 10dkk. Not so fond of the movie but the girl played by Jane March is drop dead gorgeous and worth seeing the movie for alone). Paired with a light dress and braids it's actually quite a perfect summer look. Simple, effortless.

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Actually, I find this look can actually be kind of adorable. I did some further research and found some lovely ways to do this look. Even though many of the looks at Karen Walker's spring/summer '08 collection seems a bit too styled or done (if one could say that), I find the look on Alison Nix to be rather cute in its own way (can't imagine anyone wearing this off the runway, though).. then the girl on the bike seems to be interpreting the look in a way so it actually becomes wearable. And Michelle Williams take on the hat is rather loveable as well. Simple and fresh. So I might just be able to give this hat a second chance at life even when the sun goes away.

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pretty face said...

I actually really love this hat and I'm very impressed that you found something at Monoprix! I have only ever bought Eiffel tower shaped alcohol from there and big chocolate coins.

If you don't want to keep the hat, send it over ;) I've actually been searching for one for a while, I want to wear it the same way as Michelle Williams.

Pamcasso said...

honestly I've been wanting a hat like that one all summer. Your blog is lovely by the way.

thesearchforchic said...

Michelle Williams looks adorable... that picture actually made me want one of those hats..its that laid-back style which is perfect for summer. <3

I love your blog.

pretty face said...

Also, I tagged you as a brillante weblog! Check out my blog in about ten minutes for the details.

Mila said...

I must say i really like your blog!
Very nice things you put on it!


danica said...

Lovely, lovely style :)