July 20, 2008

Revenue ...

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I've strayed off la route du mimosa for a few days as you might have noticed. In the most literal of ways as well. You see, my mom is quite ill at the moment. She developed some sort of allergy to many things you really can't avoid in a normal everyday life (such as anything with perfume, exhaust from cars or anything fuel-driven, etc.). So my dad and I decided to take her up the mountains for some fresh air for a while. And believe me, we went far-far-faaaar away. To a small village, that during winter turns into a busy ski district, called Isola 2000.

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And I should add that, during summer, absolutely nothing happens. So I guess you can say I went cold turkey on normal life. Well, sometimes it's nice to just turn of your cell, shut down your computer and enjoy some peace and quiet. So that's what we did. We went hiking. We played boules. I went horseback riding. We ate plenty of good and rustic mountain food (tartiflette, raclette, fondue.. words don't describe the fear I have of trying on my new sz. 26 Acne jeans I somehow managed to squeeze into last week).

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The most awesome of all was the hiking trips we had. We went to discover parts of the Mercantour national park. Lots of beautiful flowers, summerbirds, dears-- and old blockhouses (way back from WWI, my history-savvy dad informed me). All simply amazing. I'm still kicking myself so hard that I forgot my camera.

On a very different note, A Pretty Face bestowed upon me a lovely award. Thanks you so much for that (and now we're at it, happy birthday! Hope you have a lovely one.)

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The rules for this are pretty simple: When you receive this reward, showcase it on your blog and link to the person who awarded you with it. Hereafter, give along the award to 7 other blogs and comment on their blog to let them know. So here goes, this is time the time for spreading some blog love:

Bloggerella - Couldn't think of a more shoe-savvy person (no, Carrie Bradshaw is not a real person!). Her blog is witty, smart and always an entertaining read.
Tinetush - Where to begin? A lovely girl whose personal style is somewhere in between adorable and beautiful and with just a touch of unusual, she's a long-time favorite.
Young Mind - For always having interesting points of views on unusual topics and style issues.
Paper cut heart - This blog is always one of my favorite reads. It's pretty, quirky, and extremely charming. This girl's sense of esthetic is simpy impeccable.
This World Tonight - This girl never dissappoints when it comes to amazing purchases and she still keeps me in awe with her fantastic and of course ever-growing wardrobe.
Soir de Fête - One of the first blogs I started reading regularly. And I still do! This girl's sources of inspiration, taste in music, personal style.. She can do no wrong to me.
Cool.cool.hip.hip - In spite of a hiatus at the moment, this blog still remains a favored one. She has adorable personal style and always something interesting on her mind.


This World Tonight said...

Oh, your too sweet dear Mette ;) THank you so much, it is a really nice compliment, I adore your blog too... :)

onomatopoeia. said...

thank you so much for the incredibly kind words! seriously, I really appreciate it!
and just so you know, you're blog is fantastic, I truly enjoy reading it :)

Young Mind said...

wow ^-^
thats just made my day!
I'm excited about re-posting this awards game! hahaa

danica said...

Oh thank you so much for your lovely words! I adore your blog too :)

Now I have the task of deciding who to pass the award on to!!! Will have to really think about it...

pretty face said...

Thanks honey! The scenery looks beautiful.