July 22, 2008

Une fille matérielle

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I read all of those magazines yesterday! I've left Provence for now (fortunately going back in mid-August) and had the pleasure of having those publications as travel companions on that long and tedious journey with a lengthy stopover in the exotic Düsseldorf. Well, it wasn't so bad. I actually had the largest cappucino I've ever seen in that airport and the waiter who served me was awfully cute as well. Anyways, I'm glad to be home. Reunited with my camera and lovely flat. Today I've just enjoyed my own company (I think I've parent-OD'ed).. taking my time to settle back in, doing some grocery shopping, going to the post office, cleaning, relaxing.. and taking pictures of my new purchases! So here goes:

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..white Zara tunic dress.. this is the back.. it has cute little buttons on the front..

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..10 euro tunic dress from Monoprix.. the color is quite difficult but it has so many lovely details that I simply couldn't resist..

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..Repetto ballerinas - finally a worthy substitute for my current but very old gold ballet flats.. i wear them with everything!

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..golden, woven Minelli flats.. starting to see a pattern in my shoes purchases?

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..Princesse Tam Tam underwear (there's a buttom part, too but she's less photogenic)..

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..H&M tennis-esque sneakers, bought them for hiking in Isola2000 but will probably put some new laces into them to make them slightly more interesting..

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..and the dress of my dreams finally arrived! A Miu Miu spring/summer '06 creation.. it's perfect and I love it to bits already!


pretty face said...

Wow, some serious goodies you pcked up! I especially adored that lovely dress and the repettos. Can I steal your wardrobe please?!?

Miss at la Playa said...

Oooh.. I love the shoes and the last dress... they are lovely!

Young Mind said...

I am in LOVE with princess tam tam... how i wish it was here in australia!

Charlotte D said...

Åh din Miu Miu kjole er skøn :-)

Kh. Lotte

DaisyChain said...

Wow, what gorgeous purchases!

Anonymous said...

Skøn skøn Miu Miu kjole, men hvor har du dog købt par nummer to af de sko du viser? De er jo perfekte :)

Knus Christine

Mettch said...

thank you all. i am very pleased with my purchases but will not be shopping for a while now (i'm trying to not spend too much as i'm going to japan in the fall!)..

Og Christine, skoene er fra Minelli. Jeg ved ikke om du kender kæden, men den ligger så godt som overalt i Frankrig :) De er dog fanget på udsalg, så du skal nok handle hurtigt, hvis du gerne vil have fingrene i dem.

thesearchforchic said...

Super sweet purchases. :)

I love the repetto ballerinas... they have been on my "list" forever in dark leather or suede...one day. =)

You are adorable and the miu miu dress looks like it was made for you.


Tortue de mer said...

LOVE the Miu Miu dress. I can't believe it's from '06 - it looks so current! Where did you find it?

Mettch said...

thank you both, i'm awfully flattered! i found the miu miu dress on eBay. i've been searching for this one in my size for what seems like a decade so i was pleased to finally get a hold of it. and for a decent price as well. and yes, i guess it does look very current. at least i'll be on trend with the stars, eh :D