August 5, 2008

Leggy Fixation - Vol. I

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I'm always up for showing a bit of leg. I mean, if you got it, flaunt it.. right? I'd like to think this can be done in a tasteful and not-tacky way, though. During winter black tights are extremely essential for me since I was always a dress-y kind of girl as well. The look that I'm usually opting for is understated without too many colors. Instead I like to mix materials and creating beautiful silhouettes by keeping to muted colors and statement shoes.. Anyways, these are some of my sources of inspiration.. quite a mixed bunch.. but they're all getting leggy with it!..

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..captures from The Sartorialist and Elle..

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..Émmanuelle Alt, Giovanna Battaglia

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..Géraldine Saglio x 2

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..Julia von Boehm, Géraldine Saglio's legs..

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..Hye Park, Michaela Kocianova

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..and of course, there's also the odd one out..


joanne said...

what do you mean by odd one out? your outfits are amazing!!

Mila said...

Absolutely amazing....great post!
I really like those thick black tight, they're my favourites.

Your outfits are gorgeous, so are your legs girl. Show them off!

:) Mila.

pretty face said...

Black tights are soooo flattering!
But everybody's legs look great anyway...

danica said...

I wish I had a pair of legs like yours - they look amazing in black tights! You're definitely not the odd one out :)

Young Mind said...

I've been contemplating buying a couple of pairs of tights recently... and this has pushed me into the decision of doing so :)

thesearchforchic said...

you most definitely have the legs! you look amazing.

I think I have all these pictures stored on my computer as inspiration!lol.

i love short lengths, even if my own legs are so short.. :p

I heart milk said...

Great post.
black tights are an important part of my wardrobe all year.

Mariee said...

great pictures!