August 30, 2008

Like huge Legos

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ApartmentTherapy ran a small feature about this the other day and I just had to research it a bit further. You already know I have a soft spot for the brutal architecture from the USSR times, so I guess it's no surprise that I love this, too! Apparently, this is part of a public housing project called Sirius, located in one the best neighborhoods in Sydney. Funny, how I again find myself drawn to something which is so not pretty but I just love the concept of the boxes which look as if they're just randomly glued together. I'm wondering what it looks like inside.

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Natalie said...

I used to live in Sydney some years back and I remember clearly this building. It's located on your left side when you cross the Harbour Bridge going towards the central district. Unlike you, I found it quite hidious, but I guess it must have made an impression!

Thanks for reminding me of a great time...


Mila said...

Wow, i think it's beautiful too.
I love the simplicity and the roughness of it...

Thanks for sharing!


cc said...

i love mass housing projects like this. le corbusier's are probably my favorite. yeah i wonder what it looks like inside...