August 31, 2008

Any Japan savvy people out there?

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Purikura, manga, bento boxes, geishas, karaoke, origami, ryokans.. All things that come to mind when you mention Japan to me. Obviously, I don't know much about the country yet it always fascinated me. Now, I'm in the very lucky position that my dad has given me a trip to Japan this fall and we're leaving in less than two months now. We're visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Takayama and Nikkō and though I do have a few things on my list already, I would love to get some input: What to see? What to eat? What to buy? Any input is greatly appreciated!

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Advo said...

Sorry, not Japanese. But you're so lucky, I would a trip to Japan!

Advo said...

Crap, I meant *would love a trip, of course :)

mette/ungt blod said...

wow that sounds so fantastic! there are places i really want to go -like japan and africa, but i don't really like traveling so im so bad at saving up money for such a big trip.

Mila said...

Wow, you are a lucky girl!!!
Beautiful pictures..

I can't help you..never been there.

I already wait for your pictures when you are back.

Amalie Damkjaer said...

Hvor er du heldig. Jeg var i Tokyo, Yokohama og Kamakura sidste år, det er det vildeste og mest fantastiske jeg nogensinde har oplevet. Kan lige finde nogle forskellige 'tips' frem ang. Japan, butikker etc., hvis det er noget du har interesse i? :)


pretty face said...

I am hugely Japan un-savvy but I wanted to say how lucky you are! Have fun!

Mettch said...

thanks to each and all of you, i'm extremely excited about this! :)
og amalie, det ville være skønt hvis du kunne dele ud af lidt japan-viden. jeg er pt. (næsten) på bar bund. det eneste jeg ved, at jeg skal have med hjem er lidt comme des garcons, shu uemura og muligvis et fint kamera..

joanne said...

oh wowww lucky! you're gonna have so much fun. generally speaking, japanese people get very excited when they see foreigners because they can practice english with you. so don't hesitate to ask for help, even if you might understand fully what they're saying... :)

you also should take the shinkansen (bullet train) even if it's just for the experience! also be sure to stop by at some of the temples. they're gorgeous and are great places to go to escape from the busy city life.

Famapa said...

check this post out:

lottie is off to japan too and a few of us have given her some tips for her trip. you might like it too!