September 7, 2008

Jan Clemens Hoek

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Hello... Anyone out there? Just wanted you guys to know, that no, I'm not dead. Yet. 'Cause with the new semester starting, the workload makes you think that the end might just be near. But fortunately it's interesting stuff I'm learning, so I'm hanging in there. Which is also why I guess I will not be posting as frequently, as I have been over the summer, for a while. It's not like I'm giving up on my blog at all, though! I just need to focus on other things for a while and I'll be back soon I hope. For now, I just wanted to blog about a great friend and a great photographer. No need to say, I don't mind having him take my picture! For more of his work, visit theinvisibleveil.

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yui said...

you're visiting!? that's so exciting, october is the perfect time for kyoto, the leaves will be so beautiful...
since you are an alleged francophile i'm not sure if you are interested in the crazy-tacky-yucky side of Japan... but here are somerecommendations for tokyo....
if you want a good laugh Akihabara is otaku/geek central and it's where you can find lots of techy stuff and bizarre hardcore anime and comics related goods which are pretty funny
Shibuya is a must, I go there a lot, you've got everything from cheap drink-all-you-want karaoke to good shopping (my favorite department store is Parco Part 1)

the Harajuku/Omotesando/Aoyama districts have great department stores like Laforet, lots of flagship stores like Comme des Garcons, popular japanese "select shops" like Beams and Ships, interesting architecture and tons of small obscure boutiques. oh and Harajuku has a big park (big by Tokyo standards)called Yoyogi Park and a temple, Meiji Shrine
Daikanyama is also nice and has good shopping esp. vintage

Even if youre not interested in shopping all these places are great for just walking around and observing youth culture. and they're all within walking distance of oneanother

oh and roppongi! tons of clubs and bars to hop around, and i like the Mori Art Museum...

this is probably all standard stuff that you can find in any travel guide though. if i think of anywhere special ill let you know and ill be happy to answer any questions

pretty face said...

Looking forward to the occasional post :)

porter hovey said...

Ohhh! Just love girl at night. Great shot!

danica said...

Fabulous images...a very talented photographer, indeed! I hope study is going well :)

Chic Looks said...

wow!!! Ive heard a lot about kyoto being great, I hope you have lots of fun and am looking forward to your posts from there. Also I was wondering if you'd like to exchange links cos i'm updating my links section and realised I havent got lots of great blogs on there, just let me know

Mila said...

These made me happy and dreamy...

Thanks so much for sharing!

Mila :)

♥ Charlotte D ♥ said...

Smukke smukke billeder Mette :-)