September 13, 2008

Current obsession: Arranging things by their color

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I used to do this with Smarties when I was a child. Lay them all out on the table and arrange them by their color. Then do a few statistics over which colors there were the most and the least. Then eating them in order so that there'd be one of each left in the end. I don't really eat Smarties anymore but I guess I'd do the same thing if I did. Actually, I used to do this with my clothes which were on hangers as well, but my collection of Petit Bateau ts are neatly piled in order of their color still. We all have our peculiarities, right? Anyways, I just noticed it seems especially popular to arrange books by their color. I've seen it lots of places recently. I say, anything goes. It looks awesome, don't you agree?

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.girl ferment. said...

arranging by colour makes for cute photos.

pretty face said...

Sorry, mine HAVE to be alphabetical

(but I did the same with smarties :O)

Bloggerella said...

I did the exact same thing with Smarties chocolates as a child.

Needless to say I my clothes are arranged by colour, though there aren't that many colours to arrange by mainly black, white, grey, blue and the occasional red. But I actually have my books arranged by colour for years as well - I have all my orange Penguin books on one shelve and the other colours arranged accordingly.

Maybe it's a mild variation of autism? ;)


like the way u took this pics...very artistic indeed!
I'm new to your blog... Hope to hear from you too, drop by and say hi ok...

mieke willems said...

oh we love this! and we often do the same!!

jeanne said...

I'm glad to hear/see I'm not the only one being a bit perfectionistic when it comes to arranging. I still do the thing with smarties - but the orange are the best..! Althoug my cd's are arranged alphabetically.
You sure do have a lot of coloured clothes :)