November 23, 2008

Baby, it's freezing outside!

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Winter's here! It has always been one of my favorite seasons, but in one particular way definitely not. Somehow, every single year, I end up jumping from dry spot to dry spot between the floods of snows in my ballet flats. The perfect boots and I have been playing hide-and-seek since forever (obviously I'm always it).. I'm almost sure that my body temperature is 2 celcius degrees lower than usual during the cold months. What's to say? Winter clothes and I.. Well, we just never really hit it off. Boots and thick knits and coats.. The chemistry between us was just never there.

Why? I'm actually not quite sure. It just feels wrong (I used to have the same thing with black shoes.. it was just wrong when they were on my feet.. Sometimes it still is).. I guess that would categorize me as an emotional dresser? But honestly, I just hate how I feel like I have to compromise me and my style to stay warm. Yes, I do own boots and heavy coats but I feel so unrefined and michelin man-like whenever I walk outside in cold-proof outfits.

And the funny thing? I actually think winter attires can look amazing. Some people really know how to assemble an outfit beautifully with lots of layers and different materials. Below, a small selection of picture proof thereof. And I love all of these picks and sincerely wish I could dress like that. I just cannot imagine me wearing it. It's strange, aint it?

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l'Officiel editorial dating back to somewhere in 2006

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jeisa chiminazzo in november uk harper's bazaar

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marina perez

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clémence poésy + ekaterina kiseleva

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streetstyle by sartorialist and garance doré

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unidentified streetstyle

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ingrid and elise of anywho

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poor attempts at staying warm during this fall

However, I do have my eye on this Margiela coat but I'm still considering if whether or not I should actually press buy. As for boots, I'm clueless. Anyone who has any fabulous ideas for somebody with sz. huge feet (1o) and a strong boot-aversion to overwin? I know, I'm difficult (all this talks for a exchange at a university in Singapore for my 3rd year, though. I'll put it on my con-list right away).

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Final question: How do you stand the cold? Anyone with me on this one or do you, like half the Danish population, gladly put on your boots as soon as the temperature dives below 15 celcius?


Heart in a cage said...

I have the same problem! I can never find a coat and a pair of boots that I love. I'm also not so good at layering. I love the photos you've picked though. And I think that the Margiela coat is great!

pretty face said...

Take a vest, a long sleeved top, a jumper (must have wool or cashmere content), a coat, a BIG scarf, cashmere gloves, a hat, jeans, cords or a skirt with wool tights, boots with legwarmers. You don't even need a coat!

amine said...

to stay warm, i am all about boots and an oversized coat, and tights somewhere. where is that coat from if you don't mind me asking?

yui said...

the asian in the big fluffy alaia fur coat is daul! i think she was pairing the coat with some nylon leggings and white rickowens hightops, it looked fantastic

Victoria Hart said...

I'm lucky because I've found the perfect winter coat and boots, but I still feel the cold so much...I have to wear so many layers, and still get cold then! Brrr, I want Spring/Summer back!

thesearchforchic said...

Great post!!! I have been thinking the exact same thing myself to post about as I have been freezing.

I have to layer with cashmere and thin layers of wool, in a futile attempt to stay warm scarves are essential..but I am not a good dresser for the cold..I do have a few jackets but I like to wear them open with a thin sheer tank under. Anything bulky and I feel so.. short and chubby!!Ugh..I think perhaps I am an emotional dresser as well, which is why I bought my first boots EVER this season.. they look similar to what Clemence wears..sort of a Chelsea boot will look great under skinny jeans!

When I see you, I always think of miu miu for some reason. =)

This coat is just super cute

Hila said...

I LOVE cold weather and I love boots and coats. I do know what you mean though, I used to feel self-conscious wearing big coats and big boots. I felt a bit silly due to the fact that I'm so small and thin - like I'm dressing up in my mother's clothes or something. But after a while, you get a certain confidence and no longer care. And there is something very romantic about snuggling in a warm coat and walking around in big boots in the rain :)