December 1, 2008

On the 1st day of Christmas..

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Countdowns.. I love countdowns.. So much I decided to do one myself. Actually we're not really celebrating Christmas chez moi this year (we're going to Côte d'Azur instead) but I still love everything that comes with it.. There's nothing better than cosy December atmosphere.. All the lights, the tacky music, the fattening food.. and all the happy people. Well, I just saw it's been a while since I posted an editorial and this one definitely has a Christmas-y mood, so what better way to start off December with? It's pretty much ancient (in fashion years) but it's shot by one of my favorite Danish photographers (not that there are a lot), Signe Vilstrup. Makes me want to get light chains as well!

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pretty face said...

I'm starting to see how you've managed to collect enough magazines to make a chair! Gorgeous photos.

Merry 1st of December x