December 5, 2008

On the 5th day of Christmas...

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And here's something not related to Christmas.. Because somewhere between red and blue I lost my heart a while ago. It's still a mystery to me how it happened as I never felt that strongly about this shade but I've really found myself attracted to it as of lately. Or well, my inspiration folder has always been stuffed with purple hues but I never really managed to apply it to real life. Nevertheless, the last two dresses I've bought have been purple and I'm loving them. I'm thinking I will try to experiment with makeup as well. It can look extremely beautiful though I guess it's a bit harder to pull off.

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alberta ferretti ss08 + behnaz sarafpour fw08

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marc by marc jacobs fw08 + jeremy laing fw08

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alberta ferretti fw08 + proenza schouler fw08

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me, today in purple dress #1.. from cos.

And below is dress #2 (H&M's finest, by the way) which I'm also planning on wearing tomorrow night. Maybe I'll do the chicken dance like Masha, too.

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Heart in a cage said...

I also never felt really attracted to purple too. But after the photos you've post I'd like to try a new colour. I love your dresses(especially the one from COS)!

pretty face said...

I used to be so obsessed with purple that 80% of my wardrobe was that shade. I think I went a little overboard - but now my wardrobe is becoming far too blue.

I adore your dresses, the COS one is so beautiful with the draping. I love it! x

thesearchforchic said...

Aww.. I wish I could be more brave with give me such inspiration, although I do think you would look beautiful in any colour! ;)

And I though your dress was Marni!! I should go to COS, is it good this season? I have not been in ages..

Mila said...

Gorgeous picks!
I love your look, that purplish dress is breathtaking!!!


Hila said...

Purple is my mother's favourite colour and she's always trying to get me to buy more clothes in that colour :)
I recently bought the most beautiful A.P.C. dress in Paris in a delicious shade of faded purple. I have to say, it is a very flattering shade.