December 8, 2008

On the 8th day of Christmas...

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Ok. So I don't do countdowns very well, I guess we can conclude. The quite kitsch-y Christmas decoration my mother gave me a while ago doesn't think so either (I'm making up for lost time tonight though - I'm down to the 4th already!).. But I've been busy enjoying my weekend, which for once did not include a paper or 200 pages to read. But lets try again, shall we? First of all, look at what I got in the mail just last week.. A new Chloé bag! It's of the Paddington species but it has lost its padlock - shame, isn't it? *cough* Well, its disability probably saved me quite a bit of money so there's no complaining on my part..

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pretty face said...

Beautiful bag! Where did you purchase it from - online?

OOoh that is a serious stunner, I love your taste! x

Aliya said...

Awesome bag..! It’s December and the great Christmas countdown of 2008 has begun.

♥ Charlotte D ♥ said...

Uhhh love the bag!!! Tillykke med den søde du.

Nevermind at låsen mangler. Den vejer jo et ton, og er egentlig ikke ret flaterende.

Kh. Lotte

Mettch said...

thank you both! and yes, i got it on eBay..
og jeg er helt enig, Charlotte. synes egentlig det var ret ironisk at sælgerne sådan beklagede, at den var blevet væk, når jeg selv synes, at den er så lidt pæn (den giver mig stadigvæk paddington-aka-pølsetakse-associationer).. ;)