February 18, 2009

An update

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Plenty of things happened since the last time I checked in. Actually, more than plenty. The Kirkwoods had their first outfing. So did my ugly winter boots - at least their first (and hopefully only) this winter. I payed IKEA yet another visit and I finished decorating my apartment. Now it's just perfect and exactly the way I want it to be. Also, I got a television (Big deal! However, it still isn't properly installed). And a boyfriend. And tomorrow morning a new washer as well. Finally, I got accepted to the Washington Semester Program for next fall semester. And within the next 10 days I have to finish a seminar on risk management for my corporate finance class so I will probably not be updating again before then. But at least you know I'm alive. Photographic evidence below.

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Thymiane said...

Congratulations on your exchange program. I live outside Washington. I think it's a pretty great place to explore. Lots of shopping there too :)

danica said...

i love, love, love your apartment! nice to hear about all the new development in your life :)

Ditte said...

Congrats, dear Mette.
I soon have to hear more about that boyfriend of yours!
And congratulations on Washington!!
<3 Ditte

Heart in a cage said...

I'm glad that your doing fine! Your apartment looks really nice too.

I tagged you;)

Anonymous said...

Your apartment looks great! :)

Anonymous said...

Ih hvor spændende M :-)

Washington D.C. er smuk - og der er god shopping.... og så er New York kun 4 timer væk... gnæk gnæk..

Glæder mig til at følge med på bloggen!!

kram fra Mira

Mettch said...

thymaine, thank you so much. i'd love to hear your recommendations. i've never been to dc before.
danica + deline, merci mille fois. it's taken a while but i'm glad it's finally done.
ditte, lets talk soon! i need an update on you as well!
mira, tusind tak! som nævnt ovenfor modtages all gode tips med kyshånd. håber alt er vel hos dig! :)

Young Mind said...

i love the photos of your apartment, looks very nice and cosy :) and the magazines everywhere!


Kat said...

Tillykke med det, Mette :-) Skøn lejlighed, du har. Hvor er "stige"-reolen fra soveværelset fra?

Mathilde said...

Gosh, you girl seem to have an amazing life. I absolutly adore your post about Cutler Anderson.
Keep Going on, Kisses from South of France :)