January 24, 2009

An addition to the collection

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Do you guys also have favorite searches on eBay? The first thing I type in is always "Chloe clutch" (and I must admit it kind of bothers me that you have to omit the accent aigu in Chloé. If I hadn't it would have saved me a lot of money). However, at the moment I'm trying to break the habit and avoid eBay altogether since the cash level is low. But yesterday I accidently entered the website of temptation and this beautiful clutch came up. I can't say I'm a huge Chloé fan anymore but I love what Phoebe Philo did for the house (it's going to be interesting to see if she can manage to give Céline a revival).. And one of my most treasured wardrobe pieces is a black/gold clutch with green pearl embroidery from the Philo era. Now it has company. At the price of $78 I couldn't resist.


pretty face said...

What a fabulous price - and it's really beautiful, Mettch. You have such a dreamy wardrobe!
You know what, it really bugs me when accents are left off names because they then need to be pronounced completely differently but it is hard when you're using a UK or US keyboard!

pretty face said...

Also, come have a lok on my blog, I have an award for you! :) xx

onomatopoeia said...

what a great purchase, that really is a lovely clutch!

Mila said...

Those colors!