July 19, 2009


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Today I went to Louisiana Museum of Modern Art to see their summer exhibition Green Architecture for the Future which by the way is highly recommendable if you, like me, have an interest in architecture and city planning. However, I also had a peek at the museum's new acquisitions, and among others there was a gorgeous, abstract piece by Julie Mehretu. I love its visual layering and how it challenges the eye and its impressive size just adds to the madness. Of course I went home to research and personally I think her other works are no less gorgeous.

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joanne said...

it's always so interesting to me to see how (visually) chaotic artworks convey different ideas/emotions. starting with jackson pollock :P

definitely do send me some tips for copenhagen when you have the time! i will actually be flying into copenhagen first, then taking some sort of transportation to reach lund. almost one month left, ahhh!!

Heart in a cage said...

I really like her work!

Brian said...

So glad you're back to updating! Your visual sensibilities and writing have always been favorites of mine (and a bunch of friends who I have forced into reading your blog: "Can't you just tell she's totally super cool?") Anyway, hope you're having a great time here in the states.

Anonymous said...