July 2, 2009

Back on track?

I'm such a terrible blogger. And I know this is such a lousy way to start an entry, but I just wanted tell that yes, I'm fully aware! The reason for starting this blog in the first place was the possibility it gives me to express myself in a different way than I do in my everyday life. It's about things that I've experienced and cherish, things that inspire me in relation to how I dress, how I live, how I think. And it's only when I feel like it. That some people want to read along is just a bonus, though the few readers I have are highly, highly appreciated.

But to pick up from where I left last time, I guess happiness did hit me like a train on track. So did exams. And in the middle of this lovely mess of spring happiness and exam stress I simply lost both time and inspiration to blog. Now, relaxing on the terrasse in Southern France it doesn't seem so foreign to me anymore. Practically everybody is at Roskilde right now but considering my situation right now I much prefer this. And let me tell you this: so much has happened sinc last time - yet again. There's now less than two months left until I'm leaving for Washington, DC (and I'm literally up to my neck in tedious paperwork). Afterwards I've planned an around-the-world trip including stays in Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and Turkey (looking for insider tips, especially for Taiwan and Turkey seeing those stays aren't planned in detail - if you have any suggestions, I would be thrilled to hear them!).

And of course there are also tons of photographs I want to show you. The pictures in this post are from my last vacation.. My boyfriend and I went on a long weekend to Munich and it was such a wonderful trip we had. The city is truly endearing and so diverse in terms of what the city has to offer.. We saw Bayern München play in the Allianz Arena, ate in a Michelin star restaurant called Königshof, tried on traditional German costumes in a shopping mall, went to the farmers market Viktualienmarkt, visited the Maggi and Gucci flagship store (both ridiculous), ate absurd volumes of cake for breakfast at Starbucks and Bavarian sausages for lunch, had the largest dessert I've seen in my entire life and in between we went for long walks in a city filled up with beautiful green areas and quirky architecture. What's not to love? What I also just adore about this post is how it shows me in two rather untraditional outfits. Just don't count on seeing me sporting either of those again.


joanne said...

hi mettch!!! so glad to have you back... it's been a while :) less than two months for me as well until lund! how are you feeling about going abroad as of now (aside from all the paperwork)? personally speaking i am quite excited but also so anxious, if only in the back of my mind.

these photos are beautiful, by the way. hope summer's been treating you well so far :)

Mira said...

fantastic! hope you will blog a bit from D.C. as well!!

when are you in Turkey??

Madelene said...

I've been reading your blog since the start and am happy to see you back. I remember being very inspired by your outfits on mystylediary like three years ago, haha.

Lucia said...

So happy that you're back! Your blog is very inspiring with all the beautiful photos.
Are you going to study in D.C.?

Mettch said...

joanne, i'm so excited about dc! right now i'm rather busy internship researching but otherwise i'm pretty much all set. how about you? i must send you some tips for cph as i'm sure you will be visiting for quite a few times :)

mira, i guess i'll be blogging from dc - i'd love to! - however, i thought of changing space for a while. i think a photo blog would probably be more appropriate as i also guess i'll be rather busy.

lucia, yes, i'm going to be studying for a semester at american university :)